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  • 05 October 2017
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FREE READ ☆ Mafia By A.G.D. Maran Defeat after a long awaited change of attitude by the Italian governmentThe author has used his many Italian contacts and a decade of exhaustive research to bring to life the story of the Sicilian Mafia while also exploring the links to the Cosa Nostra in America Along the way he asks many provocative uestions including• Why was Lucky Luciano the father of modern organised crime freed from a life sentence in America and deported to Italy allowing him to org. I actually bought this book at the Mob Museum National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement in Las Vegas the same building they held the Kefauver Hearings and read a good deal into the book wired on a 5 Hour Energy Shot on the flight backI must admit I knew very little about the mob prior to that museum and this book My knowledge was pretty much limited to the first season of Boardwalk Empire and the occasional Wikipedia search of who for example Johnny Torrio wasThis was a decent book divided into three parts Rise Zenith and Fall but its m

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FREE READ ☆ Mafia By A.G.D. Maran Anise the international drug trade • Was the Mafia involved in the death of Pope John Paul I • Why did the Mafia murder Roberto Calvi known as God's Banker • What is the relationship between the Mafia and Freemasonry • Why did successive Italian governments fail to tackle the Mafia • Why did it take 40 years to find the Last GodfathersThese and many other riveting issues are covered in Maran's refreshing new take on a perennially enthralling subject. Not being a Mafia expert and therefore ill euipped to assess this book from the standpoint of its factual accuracy I did find several of his general themes to be of interest specifically its focus on the Italian rather than the US context the distinction between the mafia as distinctly Sicilian organization and organized crime in general the notion of two mafias an early rule governed paternalistic government stand in in Sicily where protection was not unlike taxation and its recent incarnation as an ultra violent bunch of drug runners the role of th


FREE READ ☆ Mafia By A.G.D. Maran The pre dawn arrests of the last remaining mafiosi in December 2008 signalled the end of the Sicilian Mafia as we know it In Mafia Inside the Dark Heart AGD Maran charts the complete history of the world's most infamous criminal organisation from its first incarnation as an alternative form of local government in the Sicilian countryside and arguable force for 'good' to the familiar form that has been immortalised in films such as The Godfather and its final. Mafia Inside the Dark Heart sheds no new light on its primary subject the history of the secret criminal society in its native land and it does even worse when it crosses the Atlantic to explore the genesis of the Mafia in the United StatesMaran s simplistic view of the American Mafia seems to be based upon myths and misinterpretations He suggests for example that early New Orleans Mafia patron Joseph Macheca was an immigrant he was born in Louisiana who ran riverboat casinos not even close The author s discussions of the 1890 assassination of