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Stolen Author Abby Blake Characters ☆ 102 But blows his cover in the processCody and Bec have spent the past year trying to recover from bullet wounds sustained in the line of duty Happy to be called back onto active duty they manage to extricate Jason from his self appointed undercover missionBut when they find Jason injured without a place to stay or a way to support himself they invite him into their lives and discover there is to the man than ev Too short for my tastes but very enjoyable all the same I was surprised at what happens with a main character from another book in this series but was happy to see how everything turned out I love Jason and eagerly await book 5 in this series which comes out tomorrow May 20th from Bookstrand

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Stolen Author Abby Blake Characters ☆ 102 Altered Destinies 4Stolen#398 Siren Ménage Everlasting Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romantic Suspense MFMJason has been working undercover to try and rescue two of his sisters He's never met them but he knows that they were bred in an attempt to create superior humans When he learns a young child was stolen from her mother Dana another of Jason's sisters he finds a way to return the baby to her family A review for The Romance ReviewsThe Altered Destinies series has me hooked STOLEN the latest book in the series is a continuation of the suspense steamy eroticism and fantastic plot that keeps me coming back for STOLEN is the story of Jason the brother of Theresa Dana Alana and others we haven t really met yet who has been working uncover to get his siblings out of the labs at which they have been held captive Jason s cover is blown when the man behind the experimentation steals Dana s newborn daughter and he has to get the infant out of the lab He is now without a purpose a job and a family as he feels like an outsider with his sisters He has no idea how his life is about to changeCody and Bec have been partners in the agency and they are both on leave while they are recovering from injuries sustained on the job They are also just discovering their feelings for one another but don t know how to go about dealing with them After rescuing Jason and Dana s daughter they invite the man into their home Bec soon realizes that she has feelings for both men and they have feelings for her And Jason sees the possibility of the family he s always dreamed of havingOk let me just say that this whole series is just fantastic STOLEN is the fourth book in the series and while it can easily be read as a standalone I have loved how each book has progressed in seuence The plot is so fantastic With tons of suspense and lots of action I read from beginning to end because I wanted to know what happens nextSteamy sex was definitely present in this book as with all of the books in the Altered Destinies series I liked the relationship development because although Bec and Cody had been partners they weren t in a relationship prior to having Jason join them Actually Jason s presence moved their relationship alongBesides our main trio we also get a glimpse at the old trios as well as a glimpse of who we will be meeting in the future I love that we get to see life after the HEA for the previous trios in the later books it s like getting a bit of an epilogue for themI have no idea when and how this series is going to end but I really hope it s no time soon With the great plot intense action steamy eroticism all with a paranormal twist STOLEN just like the other three books in the series is a definite hit

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Stolen Author Abby Blake Characters ☆ 102 En he knows Can love and respect grow amid tragedy fear and unusual behavior Note There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the menNote Each book in the Altered Destinies series is a stand alone however reading the stories in seuence will allow background details to develop enhancing the overall seriesGenre Romantic Suspense ParanormalLength 21543 words A Siren Erotic Roman These stories are crack L'Identité enhancing the overall seriesGenre Romantic Suspense ParanormalLength 21543 words A Siren Erotic Roman These stories are crack