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  • Lone Traveller One Woman Two Wheels and the World
  • Anne Mustoe
  • English
  • 10 March 2017
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Free read Lone Traveller One Woman Two Wheels and the World 100 Ient Roman roads to Lisbon travelled across South America with the Conuistadors pursued Captain Cook over the Pacific to Australia and Indonesia and followed the caravans along the fabled Silk Road from Xi'an to Rome One cannot help but stand in awe of someone who navigate the globe under own steam well mostly To do it twice from a standing start so to speak is mind boggling the author was out of shape in her fifties when she was inspired by the sight of a cyclist in India to set off on her globe cycling adventures What I like about this read is the structure of her book where instead of narrating her travels from starting point A to destination B she identified a number of themes under which she tells the the tales of her journeys It actually works remarkably well and comes across as a collective whole rather than disjointed episodes as might be expected A good read

Summary Lone Traveller One Woman Two Wheels and the WorldLone Traveller One Woman Two Wheels and the World

Free read Lone Traveller One Woman Two Wheels and the World 100 'You don't have to be twenty male and an ace mechanic to set out on a great journey I've cycled round the world twice now I'm not young I'm not sporty I never train and I still can't tell a sprocket from a chainring The writing is pretty boring although occasional description and information given about the places author travels through do make up for it It s rare for a travel writer to sound judgmental about places they go or people they meet but the author manages to do it in an underhanded kind of way uite a few inconsistencies and weird conclusions in the book ie she goes on about how she hates camping but she will sleep in rooms full of cockroaches and mice Overall the author seems a bit high on herself and her ability to cycle at 60 years of age which is impressive but becomes less so as she continues to beat you over the head with it I had big hopes for the book but couldn t wait to finish reading it

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Free read Lone Traveller One Woman Two Wheels and the World 100 Or mend a puncture'So speaks Anne Mustoe in the opening to this fascinating record of her second epic journey cycling around the globe from East to WestUsing historical routes as her inspiration Anne followed the anc Mustoe an English school headmistress decided in her later years to cycle the globe That was a previous book She repeated the feat here but as a practical travelogue with a focus on the Silk Road the Australian outback and Brazil and Peru It would be useful if it was still the 1990s but some of experiences are timeless and in the right mood travel stories are all fun I appreciated the frankness of her descriptions of the problems associated with global bike travel as well as the tips and tricks to packing lodging and politics I enjoyed her stories though I would not consider them high uality travel writing and certainly not the most exciting A series of leisurely half day rides on well traveled roads followed by good dinners in exotic locations is my perfect vacation though so I am unusually in sync with this author particularly compared to hard co