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  • Hardcover
  • 400
  • Hammerfall
  • C.J. Cherryh
  • English
  • 21 March 2019
  • 9780061052606

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C.J. Cherryh Ù 0 Free download Read & Download É PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ù C.J. Cherryh Read Hammerfall One of the most renowned figures in science fiction C J Cherryh has been enthralling audiences for nearly thirty years with rich and complex novels Now at the peak of her career this three time Hugo Award Winner launches her most ambitious work in decades Hammerfall part of a far ranging series The Gene Wars set in an entirely new universe scarred by the most vicious of future weaponry nanotechnology In this brilliant novel possibly Cherryh's masterwork the fate of billions has come down to a confrontation between two profoundly alien cultures on a single desert planetThe mad shall be searched out and given to the Ila's messengers No man shall conceal madness in his wife or his son or his daughter or his father Every one must be delivered up The Book of the Ila's Au'itMarak has suffered the madn I found this a little disappointing given the uality of the author s other books While it started off well with the intriguing mystery of the call that pulled the various disparate travellers across the desert the explanations that were offered midway through the story were less than satisfactory Given the technological advances available to the visitors who presumably were able to ward off the planet wide catastrophes why was it necessary to compel the planetary population to migrate across the forbidding desert And the descriptions of the difficulties of desert travel start to pall after a while

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C.J. Cherryh Ù 0 Free download Read & Download É PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ù C.J. Cherryh Read Hammerfall E the dangers of the hostile desert tensions within the caravan and his own excruciating doubts Marak miraculously reaches his goal only to be given another even impossible mission by the strange people in the towersAccording to these beings who look like him yet act differently than anyone he has ever known Marak has a slim chance to save his world's people from the wrath of the Ilas enemies But to do so he must convince them all warring tribes villagers priests young and old as well as the Ila herself to follow him on an epic trek across the burning desert before the hammer of the Ila's foes falls from the heavens aboveWritten with deceptive simplicity and lyricism this riveting fast paced epic of war love and survival in a brave new world marks a major achievement from the masterful CJ Cherry Premise Marak Trin is a madman Like many he tried to hide it did successfully hide it for years But finally the visions and the voices were too much and when the Ila s men came rounding up the mad his father the rebel leader surrendered him to the soldiers and made a kind of peace with the Ila All the mad are being brought across the desert to the holy city for the Ila herself to judge The Ila knows an opportunity when she sees one and Marak will have a chance to solve the riddle of the visions He has to try if he wants to rescue his mother himself and possibly all the people living on the LakhtLike most of Cherryh s work that I ve read this started a little slow but the story was so intriguing that I didn t mindIt s an especially strong entry in the sub genre of books which don t start out looking like science fiction but get there in the end For the first part of the book it s simply an intriguing story of a group of oppressed people in a desert country who are just trying to make their way in the world Eventually it becomes clear no surprise given the series title that the people of the Lahkt are about to be caught up in a war between races with incredible powers of bioengineering Marak and his companions never fully understand what is going on it s so far removed from their daily life They can only guess as best they can at the motives of people who seem to them to be godsThe portrait of the Ila s created society eventually explains many of its illogical aspects The balance between explanation and mystery is well doneI really liked the character of Marak divorced from everything he d known or been taught he finds within himself an ability to grasp the ineffable and a determination to protect others that he d hardly suspected Hati a fierce tribeswoman among the mad is also a fascinating characterThe descriptions of travel across the desert were full of delicate detail and seemed realistic By the time the book switches gears into a race against time I understood the magnitude of what the characters were up againstOverall a solid engrossing read

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C.J. Cherryh Ù 0 Free download Read & Download É PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ù C.J. Cherryh Read Hammerfall Ess his entire life He is a prince and warrior strong and shrewd and expert in the ways of the desert covering his planet In the service of his father he has dedicated his life to overthrowing the Ila the mysterious eternal dictator of his world For years he has successfully hidden the visions that plague him voices pulling him eastward calling Marak Marak Marak amid mind twisting visions of a silver tower But when his secret is discovered Marak is betrayed by his own father and forced to march in an endless caravan with the rest of his world's madmen to the Ila's city of OburanInstead of death Marak finds in Oburan his destiny and the promise of life if he can survive what is surely a suicidal mission The Ila wants him to discover the source of the voices and visions that afflict the mad Despit This is the second sci fi book I read where the journey in this book journeys went on way too long Oh the sand and the water problems and the vermin and the wind and the sand and the water problems and the vermin and the wind and so on I know this book has been out for awhile but maybe just saying that the same thing happened for 30 days instead of giving us a blow by blow would have made this book better The dialogueaction parts except for the journeys was good but the monotonousness brought this book down a star