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David Bret ↠ 7 review Read ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ David Bret Summary Elizabeth Taylor Mpassion and admiration Bret describes Taylor's later years including her fight for AIDS awareness and support for gay rights her strange friendship with Michael Jackson and her deteriorating health leading up to her untimely death on March 23 2011 Elizabeth Taylor The Lady The Lover The Legend is a shockingly honest richly detailed book about one of the greatest Hollywood superstars of all time. Written as though the author hates the subject Completely unobjective and unprofessional with Bret trashing Elizabeth and those around her

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David Bret ↠ 7 review Read ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ David Bret Summary Elizabeth Taylor Credible depth of knowledge biographer David Bret sheds new light on the Elizabeth Taylor we thought we knew her feud with Louis B Mayer her friendship with Montgomery Clift the abuse she suffered at the hands of Nicky Hilton the real story behind the Taylor Fisher Reynolds love triangle and of course her epic relationship with Richard Burton just as stormy in real life as it was on film With co. Checking his bio details in Wikipedia I discover David Bret has made a tidy living writing books about stars If they re all as trashy as this one I don t think I ll bother chasing them up Luckily a star of Liz Taylor s calibre can survive the treatmentThere s no point in going into much detail about this book it s simply a catalogue of Taylor s progress from child performer through Hollywood Princess to megastar chiefly in terms of her movies affairs and marriages to her final apotheosis as global goddess celebrity who championed AIDS sufferers and campaigned tirelessly for research into the disease Despite her excesses deplored even by her great friend Montgomery Clift she is rightly admired for her stance on gays and AIDS campaigning and remembered fondly by friends and fans alike Even the fact that Bret cites few sources for his many claims hardly matters the book is full of the sort of prurient gossipy stuff you find in trashy magazines His many claims that practically everyone in Hollywood was gay or bisexual don t really stand out either they ve been repeated elsewhere Recommended for beach reading holiday light reading or convalescence

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David Bret ↠ 7 review Read ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ David Bret Summary Elizabeth Taylor From her fairytale childhood to her impressive array of movies and marriages Elizabeth Taylor's life both on and off the screen has enchanted saddened appalled and entertained us for the past seven decades Elizabeth Taylor The Lady The Lover The Legend the first new biography to be published following her death strips away the Hollywood veneer to reveal the woman as she really was Through his in. This is a truly awful book I very rarely give books one star but this one left me feeling sad angry confused and disgusted The author approaches Elizabeth Taylor her life as well as her friends with a slant that I really don t understand very well If he is to be believed everyone around her was either gay bisexual promiscuous drug addicted shallow or psychopathically manipulative He took pains to point out which people were gay bisexual or sexually confused and frustrated For every positive thing he said about Elizabeth Taylor and her friends he had three negative things to report I don t know why he wrote this book since he seems to dislike her and view her as some kind of freak I know she had many faults and most of them were very public Still I don t think anyone deserves to be written about in this way There is so much to learn and understand about each of these people They are not just their sexual escapades amount of alcohol consumed and films they chose to act in They were people with dreams hobbies families and fearsI m sorry I read this book at all