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review The Fire Flower The Fire Flower Free download Å 104 Ions and a woman's fulfillment And in Mary Gideon discovered something he had never known even with the most dazzling ladies and captivating courtesans who freuented the lavish and licentious courts of Europe For what he had set aflame in Mary and what she returned to him a hundredfold was love. I enjoyed this book very much Since it takes place in the year of the great fire of London and the plague there is plenty of history tied up with a common enough love story developed into something uncommon with depth and believability

review The Fire Flower

The Fire Flower

review The Fire Flower The Fire Flower Free download Å 104 Of London had assuredGideon took her on a whim to satisfy a fleeting desire Yet what began as a coupling of a jaded man's lust and a desperate girl's need soon turned into something far stronger and deeper Gideon had the power and the purpose to make Mary blossom as a woman with a woman's pass. synopsismary was left adrift during the fire of london and agrees to go do gideon s room gideon has just come back from a voyage has a sweetheart that he longs to get back to and promises mary protection for as long as she stays with him the bonus is that the woman he longs for is in his ancestral home as gideon comes to know mary he realizes that looks can be deceiving and sometimes the steadfast support is what you really needwhat i liked the era was a little different than most books mary was determined to survive at all costs and it was admirable what i didn t like gideon s blind devotion up until the very end of the book

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review The Fire Flower The Fire Flower Free download Å 104 The kiss was as nothing she'd ever knownthe warmth and sweetness of his mouth was so new to heras her eagerness was new to himBeautiful young Mary Monk was trembling when she surrendered her innocence to dashing Cavalier nobleman Gideon Hawkes to save herself from the destitution the Great Fire. The Girl Mary Monk the daughter of a cobbler who died in the plague and whose home burned down in the Fire of London She s got nowhere to go she s starving and so she decides to become a whore as a last resort So she s in a tavern and trying to avoid the grasping hands and obvious leers of the scary customers until she sees a Mr Calm Cool and Collected watching her from the cornerThe Guy Gideon Hawkes the son of a man whose loyalties went with the Royalist or Cromwellian breeze He hated his father s hypocrisy but loved the family manor so he sent lots of money home from his exile abroad for the old man to keep it in fine condition for when he inherits it However he arrives to find the old rascal dead and new tenants in place who took the mysterious money that kept coming in the mail and did some renovating He s pretty damn gracious about it and withdraws but is intent on getting it back with Charles II s blessing since Old Rowley owes him a favor or two for letting his purse be open to the sticky royal fingers while in exile himselfThe Setup Gideon picks Mary up in the tavern with a proposal that she be his mistress She needs food and a roof and he s got his manly needs It s a business arrangement made than a bit complicated when he discovers after the first night that she was a virgin pushed to desperate measures He wants to protect her and pats himself on the back that he s doing her a favor while she idiotically falls in love with him even though she knows that she can t be his wife because of her lowly station Gideon pursues wifely material in the person of the sister of the current master of his childhood home It s Charles master plan Gideon will marry the sister and get his old house and her brother will marry a rich widow who has a manor It s the Get a Spouse AND a House Stuart special Don t forget to bring your couponThe Good Stuff OK this was one of toughest books I ve read in a long time Never before have I wanted to keep reading about vague characters that I didn t much like Weird huh Gideon really is an ass going about his business of keeping Mary on the side while he courts secret Puritan Celeste Southern in order to get his house He s so single minded about getting his hands on the manor right up until almost the very end of the book that I began to wonder if the cover should have had him wrapping his arms around a rose bower or a sideboard instead of Mary Mary is pale and fragile and really very willing to be Gideon s doormat except in those moments when she isn t and her crusade to become literate is pathetic than sweet StillI kept reading and my interest didn t wane for all that I did like the character of Celeste the Puritan who is holier than thou and at first glance makes Lillian Gish seem like a screaming harlot However the scenes with her were great sort of a portrait of the smug and justified hypocrisy of the Puritans and Cromwellians She undertakes Gideon as a pet project of salvation and utterly convinces herself that her pride in eventual victory is really just a tribute to God rather than her own personal vanity She s insufferable and her ending is no than she deserves She was the best drawn character in the book and I was glad that the final chapter was hersThe atmosphere of the court was well done without dwelling on the well trod territory of Charles and his mistresses Castlemaine makes a brief appearance Charles is rather selfish and not the woobified martyr to love in recent HF and Rochester isn t a fractious and naughty puppy but a craven coward whose reputation destroying viciousness Charles admittedly tolerates because he s amusing It was a different take from other also ran Restoration era novels and so I enjoyed itMy Gripe The hero and heroine weren t all that engaging and for a romance they should have been Gideon s epiphany at the end about Mary was a bit wordy and windy and didn t seem like a declaration but like I ve run out of options to get that house and so I ve decided I don t want it You can t fire me Celeste I uit He said all the right omg I ve been such a dunderhead hero things but it really wasn t all that romantic or heartfeltAnd last but definitely not least the grammar Oh the grammar Sentences that go on and on Whole paragraphs of sentence fragments Commas that outnumber all of Thumper s descendants The long sentences were very painstakingly constructed and therefore read most artificially Some were dense others weren t and most had a flow of their own that surprisingly didn t reuire a re read However I think my mind was so intent on deciphering the kernel in each one that that s why Gideon and Mary faded into the backgroundFor exampleMary could only stand and stare after him and would have stayed to stare as he approached the fine Cavalier who immediately bent into a bow as he approached them and would have stayed to gape at the beautiful honey haired lady who arose from her curtsy with a smile as he took up her hand in his and would have remained to simply stand and stare at all that passed forgetting herself entirely if Jamie hadn t put a hand on her shoulder to turn her bodily at last since she hadn t heard a word he d said to her since Gideon had left her sideAndThe play was very naughty of course and even though she knew she wouldn t have understood half the jests so much as a month before she felt very clever and worldly because she did now even if in a corner of her mind she was uncomfortably aware that the characters were to be pitied than laughed at to be censured than envied and their situations to be feared than she wanted to admitYet some of the rambling sentences took on a kind of ingratiating rhythm as certain words became anchors or motifs They were downright artful but I was always aware of their artfulness It s not a book I got lost in but I really liked it and was constantly surprised at how it was keeping my attention and in a good way despite its faults