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  • Hardcover
  • 224
  • About a Girl
  • Joanne Horniman
  • German
  • 24 August 2019
  • 9783551582713

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Summary About a Girl ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free R Straße Beide fühlen sich unwiderstehlich zueinander hingezogen Zusammen zeichnen sie essen Bananenkuchen träumen baden lachen – und lieb Actual rating 25 stars rounded up to 3 not because it s poorly written it has a dreamlike disconnected but lyrical style that occasionally at least for me becomes a little pretentious but because I didn t enjoy reading it A solid meh from me Real review later possiblyIt was sent to me as a YA book but I think it straddles the YAadult market learning toward 20 somethings than high schoolers

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Summary About a Girl ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free En sich Doch auch zwischen Liebenden gibt es Geheimnisse; auch Liebende sind sich manchmal unglaublich fremd und manchmal hält die Liebe nicht A beautifully beautifully told story of the fierceness and fragility of first love The only reason that I didn t race through it the day I started was that many aspects of it hit much too close to home and I needed breaks every now and again I already look forward to reading it again in the future

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Summary About a Girl ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Anna ist schüchtern und einsam – bis sie Flynn trifft zuerst mit Gitarre auf der Bühne dann im Café dann mit vollen Einkaufstaschen auf de Anna s past is dark and painful she never meant for the bad things to happen she never meant to feel the things she feels she never meant to be so different but she couldn t help it And it was all her faultMoving to Lis had seemed ideal Anna had a job she enjoyed and her own apartment what could she want And then one day she saw a girl with a white guitar running down the street and from the moment she heard that girl play she was in love But she knew that she would never see that girl againDays later though she did Her name was Flynn and when she played she called herself Every Little Thing but to Anna she was everything The day they met they sat on Flynn s roof drinking tea and eating banana bread The day they met Anna was the happiest she had ever beenThe only problem was Anna wasn t sure Flynn shared her feelings for her There would be days weeks when Flynn could not be found other days she was constantly by her side But there was always something between them Anna assumed it was Flynn s secrets keeping them apart but Anna had been keeping secrets of her ownThis is a story of two girls a couple of cats and a teapot named Lavinia A story of falling in love having your heart broken and losing those you love A story about learning that everyone is different in their own way A simple honest and moving story About A Girl who just wants to be loved