Advice for Strays review ☆ 104

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  • Advice for Strays
  • Justine Kilkerr
  • English
  • 03 May 2019
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Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ Justine Kilkerr Advice for Strays review ☆ 104 Justine Kilkerr ¾ 4 review Eighbourhood cats including Marnie’s loyal tom Mr Knuckles and Marnie herself a copywriter is plagued by insomnia and literally at a loss for wordsIn the midst of the disorder and of all the aid that could arrive it is Jericho who returns to Marnie’s doorstep Is he the playful imaginary companion of her childhood or the misanthropic possibly homicidal but undeni. The words were carefully chosen and I often found myself re reading passages just because of the way the words fit together Reading this book was like a fine dining experience it was delicious on so many levelsMarnie s journey was lovely but also heart breaking I wanted to read uickly in order to find out what happened next but I also wanted to savour the reading I m glad I took my timeMy most favorite descriptive parts involved peripheral vision page 209 and Marnie s memory page 204 This is a beautiful book My review does not give it justice I highly recommend this and am glad to know that Justine is working on a second book

Summary Advice for Strays

Advice for Strays

Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ Justine Kilkerr Advice for Strays review ☆ 104 Justine Kilkerr ¾ 4 review Marnie’s schizophrenic father has gone missing again But this is the longest he’s ever been gone and the pressure of the unknown weighs heavily upon Marnie’s mind Her younger sister Jess’s response is to spend her days sitting on the sofa obsessively plucking out her eyelashes one by one; on top of that something ominous appears to have scared away all the n. I am someone who tends to ravish books from cover to cover in a gluttenous devouring orgy of literary hunger Every book in front of me is a meal Every meal time feels like it is the first after a famine that lasted an eternityWhich is why I wanted to change my eating habits when I recieved a copy of Justine s bookActually that s not trueI read the first eight chapters before UK postage stamp on the packaging hit the floorI stopped I realised that this was an amazing bookIt was a literary dessertSo I started againI would only allow myself one chapter at a timeI would only read one chapter after I completed my other tasks and dutiesI even employed a greasemonkey script to block out any mention of the book especially reviews until I was done just so I can savour it without any influenceSo it is has taken a while and I enjoyed every delicous word that tugged at my fierce heartThe first chapter the very first page struck struck me with an immediate impact The words entered my mind and entwinded themselves around the strings of my heart and the loose ends of my mindNot since reading The Bell Jar has an author grabbed my mind and had it walking around in a new skull The strength of the words were immediate Vice like in their hold However instead of crushing or restraining there was a gentleness It was a firm hug It that stroked the nuerons to remind them that this was a journey they wanted to take Take they didEach chapter was a short story in and of itself Each was engrossing and filled me with mixed emotions So difficult to explain the intertwining of sadness festivity loss happiness dreary reality fairytale magic dark fears and mesmerising hopeThere are so many subtexts that ride throughout each chapter and across the book Whether it is the constant fear of loss of her father the family ties the grip on reality even her friendship to the unspoken fear and facing the possibility of her own beautiful mind being afflicted with the same disease the stories within stories the unwritten words that sit between those that were already lovingly crafted are just as powerful and deliciousThe words are amazing There is a true depth of emotion that shines through like a tolling bell A kurt ness and style that I am convinced Vonnegut would approve of A love for the magical and the hidden that the likes of Pratchett and Gaiman would appreciate Finally the twist of phrase and shining eye of absurdity that those of us who have had the pleasure to interact with her have come to appreciate is one of the most shining aspects of her beingJustine has written a book that will forever be one of my top ten books to read and recommend Thank you for doing so

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Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ Justine Kilkerr Advice for Strays review ☆ 104 Justine Kilkerr ¾ 4 review Ably real manifestation of her despair Whatever he is Jericho is angry He doesn’t want to be here but in order to be free of the ties that bind him to Marnie he has to find out what is wrong with her and fix it before irreparable damage is doneAn utterly original and hugely imaginative debut ADVICE FOR STRAYS is a novel about love loss and a very unusual friendshi. i really didn t expect this to break my heart