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Read & Download Courting Morrow Little Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Laura Frantz ¿ 4 characters Free download Courting Morrow Little Sired to the unthinkable vie for her attentions but she finds herself inexplicably drawn to a forbidden love that both terrifies and intrigues her Can she betray the memory of her lost loved ones and garner suspicion from her friends by pursuing a It s a testament to how much I loved this book that immediately after I finished reading it I re read it again I just can t I m kind of a mess right now I ll write a review when I can stop gushing over itUpdate 90316I m still honestly gushing I mean I loved everything and I mean everything well almost everything about the book For one the pacing of the novel was pretty good although it started out a bit slow in the beginning but once Morrow began developing feelings for Red Shirt the pacing picked up When I think about it this novel doesn t really have a lot of action or excitement but what really made it great was the character development Morrow Little is the main protagonist of this novel and uite honestly I didn t like her at first Why Because I felt she cried a bit too much I mean honestly the tears came at every small thing But like I said character development was a big thing and while Morrow didn t turn into a kick butt heroine she went through some pretty tough things with grace and courage Even if she did cry afterwards eye roll But I m just partly kidding about that because while the crying got on my nerves sometimes I discovered that crying was her coping mechanism and you know what that s ok People deal with things in different ways and crying was how she dealt with things And I loved that she didn t feel sorry for herself She d cry but she always did what she had to do and I really admired that I also really admired the fact that she wasn t perfect meaning that she didn t readily forgive the Shawnee people for view spoilerkilling her mother and sister and kidnapping her brother hide spoiler

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Read & Download Courting Morrow Little Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Laura Frantz ¿ 4 characters Free download Courting Morrow Little Life with him Or should she seal her own misery by marrying a man she doesn't love This sweeping tale of romance and forgiveness will envelop readers as it takes them from a Kentucky fort through the vast wilderness to the west in search of true lo I ve been wanting to read this book for uite some time and finally checked it out at the church library I proceeded to enjoy every moment and recommend it to another church member at random two weeks later Morrow is an unusual and winning heroine and I loved her unconventional frontier romance I really need to read of Frantz especially now that I own two of her other books

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Read & Download Courting Morrow Little Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Laura Frantz ¿ 4 characters Free download Courting Morrow Little Morrow Little is haunted by the memory of the day her family was torn apart by raiding Shawnee warriors Now that she is nearly a grown woman and her father is ailing she must make difficult choices about the future Several men ranging from the unde Slightly spoilerishBefore I begin let me just say that I did like this book I really did But I feel a bit of a rant coming on because I had a few issues with it and I don t want people to think I didn t like the book because I did My expectations for Courting Morrow Little were really high Maybe too high I ve heard this book praised to the skies many times and most of my friends who read this LOOOOVEEEE it I love the feeling of LOOOOVIIINNGGGG a book and I was disappointed when I put this one down that I didn t feel uite like that While I greatly enjoyed it for the most part and was really interested in the story it didn t grab me the way a really good book usually grabs me It didn t grab me the way The Colonel s Lady the other book I have read by Laura Frantz had grabbed me So I felt a little bummed because it is no fun not liking a book as much as your friends did when you were sure you d really love it too Adjectives like awesome and amazing still come to mind when I think about Courting Morrow Little but they are in terms of uality than enjoymentThere is no doubt that this novel is incredibly well written and the amount of intense research is evident The way Frantz molded her characters was brilliant and her beautiful descriptions of scenery and life on the frontier flowed magnificently throughout In terms of uality this novel gets all due credit The setting It all takes place in the woods In the wild untamed and savage land of Kentucke in the late 1700 s Morrow and her father live along the Red River outside the Fort and are surrounded by the wondrous beauties of nature Her eyes fastened on the surrounding woods lush and green and the rutted ribbon of road that divided dense thickets of oak and elm and maple A hot wind skimmed over them spreading the heady scent of honeysuckle Descriptions like that made me want to go read in the middle of a dense forest where I could smell the honeysuckle for myself I just love the way Frantz describes scenery It sounds like a fairy tale Sunlight and water spilled off ledges smothered with ferns and meadow rue drenching the river bottom in a rainbow of warm greens and golds BeautifulAfter a two year stay in Philadelphia with her aunt Morrow is headed home to her father where she is torn between her love for the place and her fear of Indians When she was only five years old Indians had massacred their home and killed her mother and baby sister Her older brother Jess had also disappeared that day Since then Morrow has always feared meeting with IndiansAnother important aspect of the setting is the house in which Morrow and her father live Half of the he two story building still bears the trace after all these years of the wreckage caused by the Indians All was chaos within just as the Shawnee had left it The spinning wheel where Ma had slumped sat untouched the wool she d been working mere spiderwebbing But why Why would you purposely keep such a proof and reminder that your family had been brutally murdered Even if they did not use that side of the cabin the knowledge that it remained in a constant state of disorder and chaos was enough to give anyone some serious goosebumps I don t think I will ever understand why they didn t choose to clean it up The heroine Morrow Mary Little As a five year old in the brief lines of the prologue she appeared to be a very care free giggling and cute sort of girl I really liked her and was disappointed in the turn her character took At eighteen when she comes back home Morrow is deadly afraid of her shadow and considerably weighed down by the grudge she still bears to the Indian population in general I can understand that she wanted to come home to her father after two years but what I simply fail to grasp is why she appears so ungrateful of her past life there when she could leave her bedroom without any problems and make the stairs creak all she wanted without fearing that a Shawnee was about to scalp her Why does she think of her Philadelphia life as such an unpleasant experience There she worked as a seamstress with her aunt and had a way easier life than on the Red River But anyways here is Morrow eighteen years old and considerably sought after by settlement men She is totally oblivious to her beauty and attributes the men s interest in her as a result of her fine Philadelphia manners and fragile porcelain like appearance she sat down at the table as gracefully as she d seen the ladies do in Philadelphia spreading her skirts over her slippers and tucking in a tendril of hair that had come free of her chignon I will be honest I found it hard to like Morrow in the first half of the book Her anxiety and fear were understandable but they felt overdone She was literally scared of everything Even so when she learned that her father was still receiving from time to time the Shawnee chief and his son they had sheltered years ago Not only is it dangerous to interact with the Indians when one is supposed to be against them in the ongoing war but to Morrow it is doubly dangerous because of her personal fears Her character does grow thankfully and she is a much stronger much worthier woman by the end Her patience devotion and faith in the latter half of the story were uite remarkable She went from fearing footsteps on her front porch to delivering a baby in an Indian camp From hating the very word Indian to loving and marrying a half blood I think that is pretty amazing The hero Ah dreamy sigh Red Shirt He was so wonderful I was head over heels in love with him First of all he s jaw dropping gorgeous She darted a uick glance at him taking in all the little heart stopping details that made him so handsome He had a presence just as Pa had once said She watched as Red Shirt shed his shirt without a hint of reserve and caught Pa s eyes on her Shamed she looked into the fire colour creeping into her face Red Shirt knows that Morrow is afraid of him and he really did his best not to frighten her His slow gentle and patient treatment of her ended up melting her reserve and fear away He would watch observe and approach her when he judged it best There was something remarkable about him an aura of barely restrained strength like a panther about to pounce His self control was truly remarkable in many areas He never used force with Morrow never took advantage of her never went against her wishes Tenderly and carefully he was able to make Morrow learn to trust even love him It was wonderfulBut then just as Morrow s character is really improving his own began to downgrade Because the story is all told through Morrow s perspective we come to know and love Red Shirt only through her eyes even though we recognize his potential earlier than her His past his actions his decisions everything is based on how much Morrow knows about him and how much he chooses to tell her There are no scenes where the reader follows Red Shirt and only him through his various adventures and nothing is told from his point of view Hence when he kills a man and comes back with the scalp we have no clear idea why he did it where and when It s all left a little blurry and all we and Morrow need to know is that he has come to peace with himself and God since then and is a changed man Morrow and him don t even talk it over properly The issue is too briefly glanced upon And I had many problems with that mainly because he and his party came back with the scalp The still bloody scalp How DISTURBING is that Had I been Morrow I would have demanded some sort of explanation forgiveness from God or not And because we are never given any insight into Red Shirt s thoughts and feelings directly through his point of view his action seems to be extremely out of character He s been restrained kind and gentle to Morrow all this time yet he goes and brutally kills that man I m surprised that Morrow didn t revert to her old scared to death of Indians self after that The romance The romantic aspect of Courting Morrow Little is really beautiful How Morrow was able to forgive Red Shirt enough to give him her heart and how he was so patient and loving with her it was very moving The courting of Morrow was very poignant and it was one of the best love stories I had ever read She was on dangerous ground all her feelings tied in knots her genteel ways fraying like silk thread She felt the pressure of his other hand warm about her waisthis breath on her cheekhis fingers cradling her chin and drawing her in Just wow And also passages like this For a long time I put down my feelings for youbut I can t do so any longer he said He drew her nearer touching her with his eyes and his hands in a wordless sort of lovemaking that took her breath away I tell you they were taking my breath awayWe got this wonderful idea that they were soulmates the most united of lovers and that their love could conuer all Together they are as one stronger better powerful There were no barriers between them now just this exuisite confession of feelings heart to heart and soul to soul Once again whoa I am blown away by the beauty of Frantz writing and the dreamy feelings it conveysUnfortunately in the second half of the book I began fearing dreadfully for Morrow s future and what kind of life she will have to live with Red Shirt She may not want to be treated like expensive china teacups but she certainly isn t used to a life always on the go like Red Shirt is used to living He pushed Morrow to the ends of her limits by making her travel with him on a long journey and only realized his mistake when she passed out and nearly died and he had to bring her to the nearest fort Fort Loramie Or didn t he learn his mistake Because after that he keeps getting these urges to just leave and lets Morrow stay behind without any kind of explanations We know he is used to obeying himself only and living alone and leaving when he pleases but man now that you have a wife you need to c o m m u n i c a t e your intentions to her One thing that was lacking in this novel were conversations especially between the Hh Don t be afraid to talk for Heaven s sake Morrow and Red Shirt barely spoke than two words to each other at a time And then one of the parts that made me grit my teeth the most When Morrow learns the whole truth about the murder of her family Does she and Red Shirt talk it over maybe have a bit of an argument over it and need time to fully process the new state of things No Again the issue is only slightly touched upon and it really bothered me because it was suchabigdeal And what does Red Shirt do He leaves shortly after And why Because he feels called to do it Just that I need to go Bye What No Where is the gentle patient and loving Red Shirt of the beginning who would never have willingly caused Morrow anxietyMorrow is a woman who needs to be reassured A lot Red Shirt knows this and should have done better I marveled anew at Morrow s new found strength and faith because despite all she underwent in that latter half of the story where let me tell you the excitement picks up and doesn t drop until the very last sentence I am still a little something out of breath she faced everything with a brave face To conclude I will simply say that although it didn t uite meet my admittedly too high expectations Courting Morrow Little is an excellent novel very rich in nuances that I wouldn t hesitate to recommend to all my fellow historical romance lovers I seem to be one of the few who didn t uite love every single thing about it so I feel sure that many of you would really enjoy this book Thank you to all who recommended it to me I really liked it and it will always have a lovely place on my shelf beside The Colonel s Lady Buddy read with Tweety sorry I was very slow