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  • Wired for Culture
  • Mark Pagel
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  • 27 June 2019
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Wired for Culture Download È 4 Y enabled human survival and progress in the past but also continues to influence our behavior today Shedding light on our species’ defining attributes from art morality and altruism to self interest deception and prejudice Wired for Culture offers surprising new insights into what it means to be huma. The book annoyed me on several levels It seems like a book for logic if you can accept this than this other thing is true and so forth constructing a foundation for his theory It seems like a science book letting me know only some of the facts only the ones who will support his theory and not the other ones Talking about totipotent cells and their divisions and at some point when probably influenced by the local conditions they decide to transform in pluripotent to specialize a little It is like the genes have some intelligence and it s up to them to become or not pluri or multi or uni potent cells He covered up the fact that there are seuences of DNA that control the number of divisions and which genes come to be expressed though he talked lengthly about the random insertions of DNA The social part did not convince me

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Wired for Culture Download È 4 Ple we kill in war But how did our species develop a mind that is hardwired for culture and whyEvolutionary biologist Mark Pagel tracks this intriguing uestion through the last 80000 years of human evolution revealing how an innate propensity to contribute and conform to the culture of our birth not onl. If I can only use one word to encapsulate the message which the authors tries to convey in this book the word would be CYNICISM The author tries to rationalize human behaviors of all kinds whether it be a disposition to subscribe to a certain religious belief ideology culture or having acts of altruism etc using the notion of cynicism suggesting that every acts of humans be it good or evil are motivated by self interestIn one example the author presented the case of social amoebas and uses that as a basis to decipher the reason for altruistic acts by humans which again is a reason that stems from the notion of cynicism But how can one liken humans behaviors to the behaviors of cellular organismsHumans are fundamentally different because of our emotions and conscience which are absent in many if not all other organisms Therefore I believe humans are capable of genuine emotions we are capable of kindness ready to give help without expecting anything in return Conversely we are capable of apathy People who believe in a certain religion may have first hand experience of a spiritual encounter Nonetheless this book is worth a read as the arguments though flawed are presented in a concise manner and the concepts are thought provoking

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Wired for Culture Download È 4 A uniue trait of the human species is that our personalities lifestyles and worldviews are shaped by an accident of birth namely the culture into which we are born It is our cultures and not our genes that determine which foods we eat which languages we speak which people we love and marry and which peo. For whatever reason late spring and early summer is my slowest reading time so this one took me a while to finish It was not because it was not good or interesting The concept of what makes humans uniuely human has evolved over the years and has settled on symbolic language and culture We are the only animal that can record our thoughts or instructions in a form that someone can later reproduce almost perfectly Symbolic language allows us to pass ideas or memes amongst ourselves in a manner similar to how DNA is used to replicate genes The memes work on a cultural level rather than on a biological level as with your bodies The end result is that human culture can evolve at a dizzying rate compared to biological evolution which allows us to have unprecedented cooperation amongst ourselves So for all of our emphasis on being uniue and competitive it is really cooperation enabled by symbolic language and culture that makes us what we are