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Summary Red Love in Color #1 S.M. West ´ 4 Free download Free read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ S.M. West ’s the linchpin to it all They need each other to succeedFor Tate is he her salvation or ruinWarning This book contains graphic language explicit sexual scenes and violenceRecommended for readers 1. Honestly you would never even guess by reading this story that it was the debut novel for SM West I sure didn t and it caught me by surprise Suzanne you knocked this out of the park on your first try It was well written fast paced intriguing suspenseful sexy and entertaining If this was her first attempt I can t imagine how amazing her next book will beTate was trapped in a situation that most of us couldn t fathom She was used and abused and those she was supposed to be able to trust those who should have been protecting her were the worst of them all She finally found a solution a way out but it involved relying on other people and obviously trust didn t come easy for this womanRylan was the FBI agent tasked to help Tate Their immediate attraction complicated matters and the author made their ride a joy to read I loved the push and pull between them and enjoyed watching their eventual capitulation They were extremely hot together but there was also no denying the intense emotional connection that they sharedThis story started off by breaking my heart however I took a chance with this author and had faith that she would deliver me whole on the other side There were some inconsistencies and instances in which I had to suspend belief and remind myself that this story was fiction but that didn t take anything away from my overall enjoyment of it Through the ups and downs ins and outs and utter devastation that was contained within its pages RED gave me a satisfying if unfinished ending to Rylan and Tate s story Release Date February 6 2017 Genre Romantic Suspense POV Dual 1st person Steam 35 out of 5 Book Type Book One of the Love in Color series

Summary Red Love in Color #1Red Love in Color #1

Summary Red Love in Color #1 S.M. West ´ 4 Free download Free read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ S.M. West There are no limits no boundaries not even death in seeking liberationRylan Wolfe is driven A stellar FBI agent close to breaking the case of a lifetime It’s than career making it’s personal Tate. 475 you are my color starsFive years ago Tate Conrad s life was destroyed and her love murdered in front of her eyes by the hands of the flagitious ruthless and despicable scum RobertBobby Thornton and her father a cruel criminalbusinessman Warren Conrad Her life is orchestrated by these two men as she s been living in utter hell Hello darkness I m pleased to meet you of an abusive torture in the forced marriage with the murderer I crave my husband s extruciating death I crave my father s eternal suffering I crave their pitiful downfall I crave vengenace I crave freedom She s been planning this for the last dreadful five years of her shadow life She will succeed She will be victorious in the end She s been working as an informant for the FBI providing crucial infomation against her husband and her father She s determined and driven by hatred and yet she s been completely emtpy of any valid emotion until that one unexpected moment when another FBI handler steps into the scene replacing her previous one that she got to know and was comfortable with This change sets the uncomfortable sensation in Tate cause it s the last thing she expected but the very sight of special agent Rylan Wolfe stirs disturbing notion in her shaking her non existence to the core And that is a dangerous thing cause she can t be deterred from the plan And Rylan Wolfe is a distraction They both fight it cause it can really destroy a significant operation and end lives BUT what they can t deny is so much stronger than they are It s a powerful force beyond carnal need It s awaken the long buried emotions and it s painful to endure it without a touch when danger is lingering on every corner and every step they makeOur first earth shattering kiss is the dawn of somethingsomething consuming forbidden and dangerous I can t put this plan at riskAnd as the time is ticking away every second is crucial and the final strike against Warren and Bobby is closing in the tension is high especially when Rylan Wolfe infiltrates as another informant under alias Clint Somerset and the closeness to Tate brings excrutiating and dangerous angst that could shatter it all The game of trust and mistrust between Rylan and Tate is on the test as the noose comes close to ending the things before its due time We are playing a dangerous game The finish line is in sight If anything goes wrong it won t end well for us And in the end will the taste of vengeance and final revenge settle Tate s soul to rest Or will she need substance to re fill what she believed died five years ago Is Rylan the one who can bring her back to herself now that all is empty again In that significant momentmaybeyesin the turmoil of danger and chaos Rylan did exactly that Even with all its vast array of darkness there are always shades of red vibrant love coloring our life Ry is my color Someone once told me that everyone can write but not everyone can write good And I have to say that I absolutely agree with that statement and I have to also state this SM West hit the roof she most definitely CAN write and she CAN write GOODFirst of all the writing is tipical for journalism The sentences are short clear and intense and to the pin point with each and every one of them while the author presents every single notion emotion sense of the characters while she leads us along with them through this thrilling suspensful passionate crimeaction story of two people that got caught into the life they can t escape from without conseuences of hurting others in the process It s a story of survival of the fittest after the destruction and shuttered soul into a non existence it s the pain that drives the brain to be trained into mentally strong and emotionally void with the goal of vengeanace and gaining the ultimate freedom until the game of pretence becomes too much when the right person to awaken the long lost vivid emotions comes into the scene in the wrong moment in time and changes the stakes endangering their both lives with the forbidden undulated passion for life carnal need and finally loveThere s an abundance of the word RED in variations of expressive word play red rage red passion crimsonetc as it s the very same title of the book which is in my opinion fantastical way to emphasize the tension and the intense build up of the emotional turmoil or thrilling suspense of an action seuence in every sense of the wordThe characters are uniue well developed and you can sympathize with them even if they are in situation that is not acceptable to the majority considering the norms of the society BUT the circumstances they are in are not those you deal in an everyday situation they are extreme they are dangerous and life threatening and yet you find yourself in a knot of being unable to help Rylan and Tate to get out of the messed up situation they found themselves in And every single one of those is a temptation on its own screaming volume you need to appreaciate every angle consider all the facts then justify or judge their actions I chose the firstIn short I loved it It was a tad bit long and the pacing in the resolvment of the story slowed down the pent up thrill but the story ends in an anticipation with want of finding out the answersFor a debut novel this is a sign of either an remarkably talented author to watch out for in the future or well I hope it won t come to that breaking under pressure point BUT we shall see and fingers crossed as I am eagerly anticipating for a second installment of Love in color series by SM WESTAmazingly well written debut novel thumb upARC generously provided by the author SM West in exchange for an honest review

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Summary Red Love in Color #1 S.M. West ´ 4 Free download Free read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ S.M. West Red The color of extremesTate Conrad’s existence is annihilated Destroyed by two men one her hero and the other her worst nightmare She has nothing to loseDetermined to survive vengeance feeds her. 4 Stars This is such a great start for this new upcoming author I maybe slightly biased but I really did enjoy her poetic writing style it was intriguing and had lots of sexy moments mixed in Although the plot comes first in this story to me the I read the emotionally involved I got So If you love Suspense then this will surely tick all those boxes to keep you guessing throughout the book So what s it aboutTate has come from an unloving hard Mafia family and although Tate started out adoring her father that later turned out to be not the case any He is hard controlling and made her into the numb person she is now or is she I ll tell you this while reading about her I really did feel for her especially at the prologue where SM West pulls you into the story from the beginning There is something vulnerable about Tate That said she s a strong kick ass heroine if ever I ve read one then Tate really had to control her future in the best way she could I don t really want to get into the plot too much with you guys here but this is a Mafia styled read with a fierce protective hero Rylan who is under cover who slowly fell for Tate because how can you not when your protecting the person you shouldn t like What starts off as an edge as lust turns into But truthfully the romance came second to the story for me That doesn t mean I liked it any less cause it kept me on my toes and actually I kept turning the pages especially the further I got into it and then the emotionally involved I became with both the hero and heroine I will say though the beginning took a bit of time to get into so if you like Suspense romance and want to try this book I urge you to just keep going as it picks ups the you read Overall I loved both characters and actually have lots to look forward to in future reads I enjoyed the mystery that was in bedded within the whole plot It kept me on my toes and kept me turning the pages Its a great start in this series and I m looking forward to books from SM West in the future I beta read this for some before honest review thoughts before it s released