Red Hot Holidays Ellora's Cave Summary ¼ 104

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  • 288
  • Red Hot Holidays Ellora's Cave
  • Shelby Reed
  • English
  • 23 July 2019
  • 9781439148709

Shelby Reed Ù 4 Summary

Red Hot Holidays Ellora's Cave Summary ¼ 104 Shelby Reed Ù 4 Summary Summary Red Hot Holidays Ellora's Cave Her burning desires LACEY ALEXANDER Unwrapped Emily clams up when irresistible Simon mentions anything naughtier than the missionary position until a college friend turned sextherapist offers some tantalizingly unconventional erotic instructionthe gift that keeps on givin Holiday Inn by Shelby Reed was such a GREAT story I loved it This short story had so much heart so much feeling it made me hope hope that they would get together and find what was missing in both their lives Just Great I will definetly be reading books by this author His Christmas Cara by Shiloh Walker was a good story I really have never like the whole story of A Christmas Carol I dont know why but it has never sat well with me This was a good story if I pretend its differentlol at least this had some smokin hot sex the real one never had thatlol Unwrapped by Lacey Alexander was Awesome totally going to be reading from her as well All in All it was great

Summary Red Hot Holidays Ellora's CaveRed Hot Holidays Ellora's Cave

Red Hot Holidays Ellora's Cave Summary ¼ 104 Shelby Reed Ù 4 Summary Summary Red Hot Holidays Ellora's Cave It's the night before Christmas and not a creature will stir Just three hard bodied men who make their lovers purr SHELBY REED Holiday Inn When a freak snowstorm strands Anna and gorgeous leather clad biker Jesse together on Christmas Eve the strangers turn a little of Sa The first tale Shelby Reed s Holiday Inn started out as a tearjerker turned into an anonymous sexcapade that made me think the heroine was too stupid to live then morphed into happily ever after because of Santa Claus In real life she d have ended up pregnant alone and hiv positive Thank goodness for Santa I d give this one two stars only because the hero is better than the heroineThe second tale Shiloh Walker s His Christmas Cara is a fairly good erotic retelling of the Dickens Christmas Carol story I don t feel like I got to know the characters well enough that they seemed real to me but I liked the story anyhow A solid three out of five earned by some steamy explicit sex scenesThe last story Unwrapped by Lacey Alexander made the entire purchase at Half Price Books worthwhile The hero is examining what he is willing to sacrifice for love and in the heroine I see character gr

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Red Hot Holidays Ellora's Cave Summary ¼ 104 Shelby Reed Ù 4 Summary Summary Red Hot Holidays Ellora's Cave Nta's magic into an unforgettable night of passion SHILOH WALKER His Christmas Cara Ebenezer Marley cannot forgive himself for hurting luscious Cara Winston after their sexy rendezvous but three holiday spirits give him one last chance to earn her forgiveness and satisfy Initially in 2010 I gave it 4 so I won t change it But if I were to rate it now i d give it a 3This is whyStory 1The dead child premise what a complete cold shower and a completely inappropriate introduction to an erotic short story Didn t like that tidbit at all Other than that a relatively hot story if you discard the existence of a magical Santa Claus who makes strange events happen only to you 3Story 2Retelling of the Christmas Carol This story was way too long and boring If I wanted to read the Christmas Carol I would have Otherwise of the 150 pages 140 are the spirits showing the hero s past present and future no heroheroine interaction whatsoever least of all sex and the last 10 pages is finally the hero and heroine reconnecting talking and having some sex Those 10 pages weren t even particularly satisfactory to me because the hero still kept leaving the heroine behind