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  • The Soft Machine
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  • 02 November 2018
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Free read ó The Soft Machine Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Recesses of his imagination a region where nothing is sacred nothing taboo Continuing his ferocious verbal assault on hatred hype poverty war b. The Soft Machine is like a travelogue concocted by a perverted and drugged space travelerI had this special Green Boy I was making it with who knew the ropes you might say and he told me we have to tune the heat wave out with music So we get all the Indians and all the Green Boys with drums and flutes and copper plates and stayed just out of the heat blast beating the drums and slowly closed in lam had rigged up a catapult to throw limestone boulders and shattered the cubicle so we move in with spears and clubs and finish them off and smashed the heat sending set that was a living radio with insect parts We turn the Green Boys loose and on our way rejoicingIt is an acid trip in which atrocities and scatology are special delicacies and tidbits on offerI pushed into a Turkish Bath and surprised a faggot brandishing a deformed erection in the steam room and strangled him straightaway with a soapy towel I had to check in I was thin now barely strength in my receding flesh to finish off that tired faggot I got into my clothes shivering and gaping and walked into the terminal drugstore Five minutes to twelve Five minutes to score I walked over to the night clerk and threw a piece of tin on himAnd William S Burroughs surely is a revolutionary but I don t know exactly of what sort however probably sexual or maybe chemical or perhaps even linguistic During the sex act he metamorphosed himself into a green crab from the waist up retaining human legs and genitals that secreted a caustic erogenous slime while a horrible stench filled the hut I was able to endure these horrible encounters by promising myself the pleasure of killing this disgusting monster when the time came And my reputation as an idiot was by now so well established that I escaped all but the most routine control measuresIt takes all kinds to make the world so even a depiction of despicable vices can be hustled at a profit

Free read The Soft MachineThe Soft Machine

Free read ó The Soft Machine Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook In Naked Lunch William S Burroughs revealed his genius In The Soft Machine he begins an adventure that will take us even further into the dark. Breathe in Johnny Here Goes I respect rather than love it Like Gravity s Rainbow s sewer scene on his knees bare as a baby or William T Vollmann s telephone exchange between steel reefs a wire wrapped in gutta percha vibrates I herebyzzZZZZZthe critical situationa crushing blowThe sleepwalker s all eyes the realist is all ears their mating forms the telephone Later perhaps I see parts flashing cut in from David Lynch this is a formica table or Cronenberg s not naked lunch or beginning of Kubrick s 2001 apes confronted with steel Celluloid burning when we came out of the mud we had names Perhaps Trump Tweets massacred by homoeroticism I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke 1143 AM 14 Oct 2012 Thinking man s thin man Marlowe and Philip K Dick detectives utilizing third person singular indirect recall though now using the cut up method Burroughs unsettles and alarms with images of consumption not to mention graphic scenes of sex drugs coprophagia sacrifice self abuse Pan God of Panic piping blue notes through empty streets as the berserk time machine twisted a tornado of years and centuries wind through dusty offices and archives Late night Trump tweets interrupted because The US cannot allow EBOLA infected people back People that go to far away places to help out are great but must suffer the conseuences 622 PM 1 Aug 2014 The time to be Messianic is now Word Hordes of the World Unite I feel like I just jumped off a modern Joyce nightmare Not even my warm bath diet Coke Hi Chew blood sugar highs and restless foot cramps can keep me from the dizzying nature of Wind turbines are ripping Scotland apart and killing tourismElectric bills in Scotland are skyrocketing stop the madness High on ammonia issuing insane orders Grammy award goes to Adele Song of the Year HELLO Reading paperback 3rd edition on back in bath Record of the Year HELLO Listening to audiobook of revised edition Best Pop Solo Performance HELLO HELLO HELLO The inconsistency between editions seems right Lost seems right Unsettled seems right Unfinished loop seems to capture the Burroughs sense of a living text I m adrift Wet certainly Drowning Cut the word lines Cut the music lines Smash the control images Smash the control machine Burn the books Kill the priests Kill Kill Kill Amazing how the haters losers keep tweeting the name Fkface Von Clownstick like they are so original like no one else is doing it 935 AM 3 May 2013 Welcome Mr President President Trump welcome to the future nothing here now but circling word dust dead postcard falling through space between world this road in this sharp spell of carrion

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Free read ó The Soft Machine Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ureaucracy and addiction in all its forms Burroughs gives us a surreal space odyssey through the wounded galaxies in a book only he could creat. If you imagine the stereotype of an avant garde experimental book that s The Soft Machine Sure it s a clever idea but actually reading it would be a painful thing My process reading the book went like this p5 the start what s going on here p6 how long is this going to continue p9 oh it s going on for the whole book p13 I can see how this style conveys a delirious fractured mind and world p20 but I m not really getting anything else out of it by reading p27 in fact it s very hard to concentrate on the book so it s probably pointless to carry on At this point I look at the wikipedia entry to see if it will help me read and appreciate the book It tells me that the plot starts at chapter 7 Surprised and tempted by the promise of a plot and intrigued to see how the book changes I return to the book p28 I take one look at the page and decide I really cannot be bothered