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Gass Ö 0 DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD The Tunnel Masterpiece The story of a middle aged professor who upon completion of his massive historical study Guilt and Innocence in Hitler's Germany finds himself RIP Hamlet What have you my good friends deserv d at the hands ofFortune that she sends you to prison hither Guildenstern Prison my lord Hamlet Denmark s a prison Rosencrantz Then is the world one Hamlet A goodly one in which there are many confines wards anddungeons Denmark being one o th worst Rosencrantz We think not so my lord Hamlet Why then tis none to you for there is nothing either good orbad but thinking makes it so To me it is a prison Don t you see that when a man writes the history of your country in another mother language he is bent on conuest If he succeeds he will have replaced your past and all your methods of communication your habits of thinking feeling and perceiving your very way of being with his own His history will be yours perforce Mad Meg Guilt and Innocence The process of Denazification began in earnest in early 1946 with a series of directives issued by the Allied Control Council The aim was a thorough meticulous investigation of the entire German people and the punishment of all found to be guilty of supporting the Nazi state Germans were to be placed in one of five categories Major Offenders Offenders Lesser Offenders Followers and Exonerated Persons The concept of collective guilt was emphasized through the posting of graphic images of the concentration camps in newspapers on placards pamphlets and posters displayed in towns cities storefronts and cinemas headed with the statement YOU ARE GUILTY OF THIS However uite rapidly it became clear that such a process was impractical Not only was there no clear defining line between the guilty and the innocent if such words have any real meaning who amongst us could be truly exonerated but the process also ran counter to the urgent need to create a functioning economically sound society To speed up the procedure it was decided that unless their crimes were serious members of the Nazi Party born after 1919 were exempted on the grounds that they had been brainwashed Members of the Nazi party began to buy and sell denazification certificates on the black market The system fragmented and slipped out of sight All that remained were the Nuremburg Trials with all their symbolic cathartic theatre The German people s history was left in chimeric disarray half conuered by the American tongue Is genocide a zombie or a hydra what happens when we cut off its head The actions of the Nazis were only bad because they failed Had they been successful and the Thousand Year Reich established Himmler would be a hero and not a failed chicken farmer with the blood of millions on his hands William Frederick Kohler the monster tunnelled through by Gass has faced the complexity of this problem and recognised its Hydraic nature He is filled with enough self loathing legacy of a wonderfully evoked childhood to face the implications of these events the fact that as a species it is a rare specimen who would not at heart belong as a member of the PdP Of course as its name implies to be a member of the PdP means one would had one be born elsewhere been a member of the NSDAP Can any of us truly say with certainty that all our petty disappointments bitterness and self disgust would not have led us by the hand into that darkness On the first page of the novel are two flags They are broken into sections that name those minor character flaws that we all as human beings suffer from at one time or another Envy Spite Secretiveness Resentment Bigotry Long Suffering Frigidity Niggardliness Malice Sullenness Churlishness Hypocrisy Self pity Vindictiveness Pettiness Procrastination Sloth and Jealousy Gass wishes to remind us that this is also a list of the ingredients reuired to fashion genocide The components of inhumanity are human all too human Hamlet s statement that it is our thoughts that designate good and bad is of course in one sense correct particularly when one refers to morals as Nietzsche pointed out but is there an objective sense in which those flaws listed above can be labelled bad is there something to be said for moral universalism is there a viewpoint from which had the Nazi s succeeded one could still see their guilt and if so then are not all of us veined and marbled by such immorality It is simple enough to designate the Shoah as a bad thing not it must be stated evil as that term is a meaningless excuse but it is the point where as one digs further and further down into individuals and individual acts such certainty starts to crumble that is the most difficult to reconcile with our ideas of humanity Where does one draw the line in the five categories of guilt and innocence set out above It is this issue something I believe is one of the most important and profound legacies of the horrors of the 20thc that Gass spent almost 30 years investigating The Tunnel is a novel of great philosophical importance and subtlety as well as technical masterpiece It is hard going and the passage gets dark narrow and stifling but it is a novel that I cannot recommend highly enough There is no simple answer to the paradox that humanity is fundamentally inhumane but to accept this fact should at least inspire us to vigilance We should continue to tunnel inward even when the dirt falls in our eyes

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Gass Ö 0 DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD The Tunnel Writing a novel about his own life instead of the introduction to his magnum opus The Tunnel meditates on history hatred unhappiness and above all languag The Tunnel ConceitThe tunnel is an authorial conceit on the part of William H Gass as well as his protagonist William F KohlerIt s probably best to abandon any preconceptions of what it might mean when you enter either tunnel as a readerThe metaphorical tunnel doesn t represent an escape route out of anywhere nor does it represent a method of entry into somewhere elseInstead it constitutes a long strange trip or journey through the mind of the first person protagonist At this level the novel is simply an account of the intellectual life of the protagonist It s not clear whether it s merely thought or written down I ll settle for the latter because of its self consciously literary toneLanguage is the vehicle by which this mind s ore is drilled bored extracted conveyed to us and laid bare so that if we re interested enough we can sift through it looking for gold or gelt or guiltThe Dirty DiggerSo much for the metaphysical tunnel At a physical level Kohler his name is German for digger goes down to the basement of his home and starts digging a tunnel or hole It s not clear what he intends to do with his hole or where he hopes it will take him It s almost as if it s sufficient as if it s an act of liberation in its own right that Kohler is digging his own hole This hole belongs to him It is his very own piece of nothingness Kohler is a man for whom nothing is enoughOn the other hand Kohler is a dirty digger The act of digging a hole reuires him to dig up and remove dirt He doesn t want his wife Martha to realise he is digging a hole for himself So he shovels the dirt into the chests of drawers and dressing tables upstairs in all of the rooms other than the room in which this might come as a surprise she sleeps separatelyOf course Martha finds out and uite reasonably remarks I don t want your dirt in my drawers any than I want your ideas in my head You ve got to admit this is pretty funny in the absurdist manner of Beckett Only the playwright didn t take 651 pages to achieve a similar result Plus structurally the two act play enabled Beckett to ensure that at least nothing happened twice Here nothing only happens once It s just that there s a whole lot of nothing going downThat s enough about the conceit of the tunnel It s little than a framing device for a monologueDigging All the Dirt on KohlerOver the course of these 651 pages we literally get to know everything about Kohler Perhaps a better way to say it is that we get all the dirt there is to know about Kohler The he digs the dirt we get The remarkable thing is we get Kohler warts and all from the horse s mouth Needless to say it s not pretty In fact he is a disgrace in just about every aspect of life Even remarkably we don t get any sense of embarrassment or shame about anything he has to say about himself It s as if he has to tell somebody else for it to be really true In the telling his story becomes history You don t have to be a king to make history You just need to have lived to have been alive To this extent only he has something in common with everymanIronically or perhaps not Kohler is an academic historian He has written a book called Guilt and Innocence in Hitler s Germany At the beginning of the novel he sits down to write the Introduction to the book only his own story distracts him This alone suggests that history can t be written objectively there will always be something subjective of the historian or author in the telling Thus we are misguided if we think that history is objective Conversely we re entitled to ask what can we learn from history It seems that we will encounter unreliable narrators in history than we do in fictionWe don t learn much about what Kohler has written in his book Perhaps if we did it could have constituted his Introduction However we learn a whole lot about his pastThe Mad Meg LegacyGass started writing the novel in 1965 when he was about 40 He took another 30 years to finish and publish it It s difficult to judge when the novel is set or at least when the narration is taking place A couple of times it s mentioned that Kohler is 50 There is little reference to contemporaneous events other than a brief mention of protests against the Vietnamese War There is some incidental mention of hippies but no suggestion that the Summer of Love has occurred Thus it s possible that the narration occurs about 1965 which means that Kohler was born in about 1915 and was about nine or ten years older than Gass himselfThis difference in age makes it possible for Kohler to have spent at least a year studying in Germany after Hitler came to power It seems that he studied history under a charismatic persuasive and compelling pro Nazi Professor Magus Mad Meg Tabor who greatly influenced his actions and beliefs It s tempting but ultimately futile to try to work out who Mad Meg represents view spoilerHitler Nietzsche Heidegger hide spoiler

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REVIEW ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ö William H. Gass William H. Gass Ö 0 DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD The Tunnel Thirty years in the making William Gass's second novel first appeared on the literary scene in 1995 at which time it was promptly hailed as an indisputable There are so many possible ways of existence We have not lived the right life But is there the right life to be lived The Tunnel belongs among those books one drowns in like in the delugeThe man of action has a destiny a star he follows and it draws him on like the Magi or so it s said the taillight of a car it s said the flag of a deer The creator courts the muse pays tribute and pursues sucks sips sniffs puffs pops screws for the favor of his Fancy The visionary sees the future like a dream draped dressmaker s dummy as silks pinned to the canvas skin of a shameless wire veined manikin But we historians we poets of the past tense we wait for our tutelary spirits to find us we sit in one place like the spider and until that little shiver in the web signals the enmeshment of our prey we look within for something to lighten our nightmare the weight of our patience the fluorescent face of a bedside clock for example enamel nailshine bleached sheetThe protagonist and narrator is a historian but he is a mountebank a uack scientist fake Faust He wants to make a pact with the devil but Mephistopheles can t buy his soul because he is a fraud as well because heroes are creatures created by ignorance like infatuations they are born of hype of superstition fraud as are gods saints and movie stars and they all pass into legend myth romance still further fictions like clouds into cloudsConseuently the hero of the novel is nothing but a worm and a worm needs a wormhole And he starts digging the tunnel a private passage to his personal hell And the worm being hates the light the world and everyone in this world Love has its limits but hatred is boundless In order to exist hate must like a worm devour everything on its way And hate slowly devours the hater too